I’m Ginger Jewell.
A 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.



Early Stages

I started practicing yoga as a way to gain flexibility after ankle surgery and a broken leg. I kept coming to class because I found that I was calmer and less stressed. I started with one class a week. Then two and three. I could reach my toes! My asthma disappeared, and I wasn’t always sick with whatever office bug was going around. Life’s ups and downs were easier to handle.

Learning & Teaching

The more I learned about the postures, the more I wanted to learn – to be sure that I was “doing it right.” I tagged along with my own yoga teacher on a few workshops, just to see what it was all about, and maybe pick up a few pointers. I loved it and wanted more.

I enrolled in Mindful Alignment Teacher Training, with the idea of improving my own practice – nothing more. But a funny thing happened along the way – friends started to ask me questions. Why does it hurt when I do this pose? Do you know any positions that could help me alleviate this pain? Sometimes they said “I can’t do yoga, because I’m not very flexible.” But that my friends, is exactly why we practice yoga – to be flexible – in both body and mind.

And so I started Zenish Yoga, to share my story in hopes of helping others to find their own path to better health – mind and body.